My very first video game

The first game that I every played in my life was minecraft. I started playing it at about 2014 until 2017, and starting playing it again at 2019.

My experience with discord

at about 2019, I started using discord, which is an app that lets you voice chat, and text you friends, and it is specifically made for gamrs. I didn't use it that much for 2 months or so, but it became the main app that I use today.

the horrifying age of fortnite

around the same time I started using discord, A new game called fortnite was introduced. Fortnite is basically a game where 100 people fight with weapons and try to eliminate each other until the last player. ALmost everyone close tome play it, except me. So for a few months I was the only one that was not playing fortnite.

how to draw the mona lisa



  1. First, draw a dot in the middle
  2. Add a few more details to the dot.
HTML text poems

the sun


the sun shining

it is a good time to play

I love the warm sun



my friends all enjoy going to school.

We all think that is very cool.

At recess, we get to kick soccerballs.

At lunchtime, we throw spagetti on the walls.

if you dont like school, your teacher thinks you're a fool.

video games

free verse

I play a lot of video games.

Video games are fun

I check the clock.

Oh wait, Im late for school.